Indriya Adventure Park

and Kalladanthy Natural Caves

An intricately designed lobby with a profusion of wood and distinctive influences of Kerala’s vernacular architecture welcomes visitors the park. Set in stunningly beautiful surroundings amidst trailing mist and damp clouds, the Indriya adventure park is a rush of adrenalin and exhilaration through the entire length of its circuit of thrills, enough to warm body and soul.


Kalladanthy Natural Cave

  • kalladanthy cave Munnar
  • kalladanthy natural caves Munnar

Going past past a wooden glass house surrounded by spectacular views, a stone paved pathway leads towards the adventure experiences, branching out towards an ancient matrix of natural caves.The pathway from the entrance bifurcates towards a cluster of three natural caves named the Kalladanthy Natural Caves with a length of 200 metres, where Thankayya once sought shelter. Guests could opt to dip their feet in or splash a handful of cool water from a gentle little stream flowing through the cave. They could soak in the very unique atmosphere in the cave..


Cradled between the slopes of the Western Ghats, the undulating landscape in Bison Valley is as the name suggests, pasture for herds of wild bison that roam the area and surrounding forests. Many of the lower slopes of the mountains are draped with spice and tea plantations that then climb towards mist clad craggy rock faces and dense forests. Bison Valley was also popular among the erstwhile royalty in Travancore...


Indriya Adventure Park

The Indriya Adventure Park in Bison Valley, Munnar is owned and operated by the Indriya Group of Hotels & Resorts.Over the years the company has built a portfolio of luxury hospitality projects andadventure parks in Cherai and Munnar. Situated beside the INDRIYA Adventure Park is Indriya Resort Munnar managed by Southern Panorama. The hallmark of every Indriya project is the world class hospitality on offer and the range of thrilling experiences in their adventure parks.

Combining managerial skills and a passion for excellence, brand Indriya delivers personalised service enhancing the attributes of every destination with our presence, creating unique experiences that ensure total customer satisfaction. Strategically expanding the footprint of our brand, Indriya Group of Hotels and Resorts...

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  • Indriya Adventure Park Bison Valley, Munnar
  • Indriya Adventure Park Bison Valley, Munnar
Bison natural pond and a coracle
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Indriya Adventure Park Bison Valley, Munnar

Dawn breaks over the line of mountains to the east and in the growing warmth the eponymously named Indriya Bird,s Valley comes alive with the sounds of over 6 acres indigenous and transient species of birds. Spread over 6 acres Indriya Bird's Valley is an exquisite hideaway set on a slope of a hillock, designed to provide the warmth and comforts of a home and the luxuries of a resort.

Indriya Adventure Park Bison Valley, Munnar