-Indriya Adventure Park- Natural Cave

Kalladanthy Natural Caves

Going past past a wooden glass house surrounded by spectacular views, a stone paved pathway leads towards the adventure experiences, branching out towards an ancient matrix of natural caves.The pathway from the entrance bifurcates towards a cluster of three natural caves named the Kalladanthy Natural Caves with a length of 200 metres, where Thankayya once sought shelter. Guests could opt to dip their feet in or splash a handful of cool water from a gentle little stream flowing through the cave. They could soak in the very unique atmosphere in the cave, spending a little time away from adventure sports or else opt to stay in a cave home for the night by requesting the management for additional facilities. Guests could also stay overnight elsewhere in the park too. On request tents are provided on the circular glass bridge, in the wooden glasshouse and at the Nadukani View Point.

Taking a break from the thrills on offer, guests could contemplate the stunningly beautiful views from the Nadukani View Point where a thief named Thankayya way back in history surveilled his pursuers, perhaps engage in a session of yoga, else they could embark on a short trek through a lush spice plantation. A separate space has been constructed and provided with music and rain showers should guests opt to dance to the throb of pulsating music, cooled by the mountain air and the showers of fresh water. Further on, a clearing provides a convenient campsite for those opting to spend a night out in the open.

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Indriya Adventure Park Bison Valley, Munnar